Willow Systems Analytics

Public Analytics dashboard for my projects

A while ago I wrote a tool called pinproxy for pebble, and subsequently wrote a tool to visualise the analytics data that used blessed-contrib to create a Terminal-UI

This worked well for me, but I couldn’t share the data with other people, and I had to have the tool installed on whatever machine I was using. I decided I needed a web-based UI to visualise this data, as well as being expanded to include data from my other projects.

The result is a very pretty dashboard. Built on a free boostrap theme, and using charts.js for rendering the graphs, it works really well. I had to write the custom logic to parse all the data into chartable information - each project exposes a public endpoint with the information required. For PinProxy, fetching information on per-user activity meant configuring a cronjob that runs every 10 minutes to parse the internal logs and pull out useage data.

^ The main dashboard, you can see the selector on the left to switch between projects.

^ This graph is particularly useful for showing which users are sending the most requests.

Check out the linked blog post for a full writeup. (Coming Soon).