A public Rubbish Bin Collection JSON API

WhichB.in is a free & simple JSON API Service I run that lets users who live in the same borough council as me get a list of the next rubbish bins that will be collected from their house, sorted by date.

The service works by ingesting the user’s UPRN (basically a UUID for their address), it then calls the council’s website, and parses the HTML response. Once it has a valid response from the council website, it transforms the data into JSON, sorts it by date, and returns it to the user. The results are then cached, such that for any given UPRN no amount of API calls on a given date will result in more than one call to the council’s website.

This service was originally something I wanted for myself, as I wanted the information on my home automation dashboard. I decided it would be trivial to run publicly, so I snagged the domain et voila!

The landing page and Docs are just hand written HTML, using a customised version of AttriCSS, which is a classless css file.

I also integrated the service usage data into my analytics dashboard.