Pebble Developer Portal
A simple dev portal for the Rebble Appstore

After Pebble Technology Corp, former maker of the Pebble Smartwatch went bust, Rebble rebuilt the web services from scratch. This includes the appstore where you download watchapps from. However, there was no method built for developers to upload new apps or watchfaces to it.

Eventually Rebble released a solution, but it required crafting a yaml file and a specific directory structure, then zipping the whole thing up and sending to @Joshua on the rebble discord. To make this process easier I wrote a tool which accepts all the necessary fields, performs sanitisation, then automatically generates the YAML and wraps everything up in a .zip.

The nice thing about it is that everything is done client side. Meaning more privacy/security for the user, and no .zips need to be stored on my servers.

As it lives on Willow Systems, the styling is very minimal:

Once you fill all the fields and press the submit button, it generates the YAML and puts it in a .zip with all the other files, then starts the download automatically.

You still have to send the .zip file via discord, but maybe in the future we can get this automated too.

See the blog post below for a small explanation of the interesting parts of the code, or view the Github repo to see it all.