About Me

Hi there! I'm Will.

I'm a passionite & enthusiastic security engineer, maker, and general tinkerer.
By day I help clients build scalable, secure, and maintainable security solutions.
In the evenings you'll find me building something fun.

The day job:

I currently work at IBM as an SME in their european Security Expert Labs team. Although based in the UK, I work across Europe (and often further) with clients to advice, design and implement identity and access management solutions.

Sometimes this means reviewing their environments and producing clear, concise documentation and recommendations.

Sometimes this means building an advanced IAM solution from scratch - writing the code, or leading the team.

Some of the technologies I use on a daily basis include:

Outside 9-5:

I have a lot of energy and passion for building things. I like to have several side projects going at any one time.
I try to keep track of them here. Here's my favourites:

- The Rebble Alliance, keeping Pebble smartwatches ticking since 2016. I built the developer portal, some timeline services, and help run the infrastructure.

- Home Automation. Using a mix of Home assistant, Raspberry Pis, lots of ESP8266s and a custom written server, I have a pretty smart house.

- Globoard, a dumb whiteboard with a smart backlight

- WhichB.in, an overengineered API solution to answer the question 'Which bin do I need to take out today?'

and many more

Get in touch!

So there's the short version - I'm a passionate security engineer with years of security, networking and development experience. I'm as happy working by myself as I am leading a team and have plenty of experience doing both.

I'm always looking for the next oppourtunity, so please get in touch if we could work together. There's a public version of my CV , and if you want to print it there's black-on-white version too.

Thanks for taking the time to get this far!

- Will

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