Will Murphy

Security Engineer ยท Professional Problem Solver

An experienced security expert and professional problem solver. I build clean solutions to my client's problems, and try to have fun along the way.


Expert Labs Security Consultant - EMEA

IBM Security

As an SME in design and execute of Identity & Access Management solutions, I advise, design and implement secure solutions for some of IBM Security's largest EMEA clients. I specialise in leveraging IBM's security suite to build clean, Zero Trust systems.

July 2019 - Present

Expert Labs Security Consultant - UK

IBM Security

A security consultant focused on IBM Verify suite of products, I helped IBM's UK customers implement scalable, maintainable and secure solutions.

December 2017 - July 2019

Technical Solutions Specialist

IBM Security

I joined IBM in 2014 as an apprentice, and during the 3 year programme I was awarded multiple internal IBM awards and graduated with distinction. I was also recognised by the British Computer Society as their Apprentice of the Year.

November 2014 - December 2017


I'm just as comfortable writing architecture design documents as I am writing code. I'm a specialist in Identity and Access Management, which means I know all about OAuth, SAML, OIDC, LDAP and plenty of other acronyms. I've lots of experience with network technologies, and have spent the last year focusing on Zero Trust concepts and design.
Programming Languages & Tools (Click them!)


I use NodeJS extensively, both for work (scripting, automation) and as part of my hobbies. Lots of the projects on my Github are NodeJS projects.


I'm an experienced python user, comfortable writing simple scripts or web backends using flask & sqlalchemy..

Security Standards

I'm well versed in OAuth, OIDC, SAML and other IAM protocols, it doesn't matter if you're speaking JSON or XML, I'll understand what you're saying.

Docker (and openshift)

I use docker plenty in my free time and at work. I've worked with many clients using openshift and I'm comfortable with Kubernates too.

Jenkins (and gitlab)

I use Jenkins daily in my homelab, and have used it for many client projects as part of SOAR. I have lots of experience integrating systems with Jenkins and setting up CI/CD pipelines.


I've plenty of experience using AWS and other cloud platforms.


Check out my github! https://github.com/willow-systems

Raspberry Pi

Since using my first pi in 2010 my collection's expanded to about 10. I've used them for a myraid of projects from home automation to interactive art exhibits.


I'm a skilled Linux user, both server and desktop. I run Ubuntu as my main OS and have lots of experience administering linux servers.


I'm a skilled Linux user, and have lots of experience using RHEL server and associated technologies.

Web Development

I enjoy dabbling in web development in my free time, as fun or to keep my skills sharp. This has been very useful in the workplace when it comes to putting responsive dashboards together.


Apart from being a security engineer, I enjoy spending lots of time outdoors. In summer I enjoy camping and stand-up paddleboarding. If I'm feeling daring I do it in Winter too.

I have plenty of technical hobbies to keep me busy. Home automation, wearable technology, and self-hosted infrastructre to name a few. I'm always starting new hobby projects, and occasionally I finsh them.

Awards & Certifications

  • IBM Service Excellence Award
  • IBM Solutions Excellence Award
  • Rebble Alliance Software Grant
  • Zero Trust Solution Engineer
  • BCS IT Apprentice of the Year